Membership Benefits

UNIFI-IX Members will be able to expand their portfolio with a single port of entry to our internet exchange. We have a very experienced team able to attend to your needs whilst connecting to the exchange.

If you have any requirements not currently set out on our website, please don't hesitate to contact our sales department, where we will endeavour to assist you where possible.

Our Objective

Our main objective is to bring down the cost of IP Transit around the world, so interlinking all Points Of Presence we are then able to bring a global network to each and every member of the exchange. This would give members reduced bandwidth costs, reduced latency and reduced costs of Transit.

Improve your speed of access

UNIFI-IX have a range of network access speeds, these can be found below:
100 Mbps - Copper
1 Gbps - Copper
10 Gbps - Fibre
100 Gbps - Fibre

Keeping traffic local or global

UNIFI-IX members will have the choice to keep their connection peering local or choose to peer across the global network.
The choice will be down to each member that connects to the network

Why connect to UNIFI-IX

Connecting to UNIFI-IX will expand your companies portfolio giving you global points of presence and access to some of the biggest networks in the world.
Members connected to the exchange will be able to start private peering between each other via private VLAN's, this will enable interconnections at a fraction of the cost compared to a Tier 1 transit provider.

Monitoring, Technical and Deployment

UNIFI-IX's network is manned and monitored 24/7 365 so if any technical assistance is needed we are only a telephone call away. For all new members connecting to the exchange will be given technical support to GBP and connecting to our services. You will be able to obtain support throughout the time you are connected to the exchange.