Rules & Regulations

This page contains our rules and regulations in which members must follow to avoid being suspended from the exchange.
We impose rules to make the well-being and constancy of the network.

UNIFI-IX Requirements

1) Members are to publish their contact information
2) Members must supply a form of contact either email or telephone
3) Illegal activity is forbidden and warrants immediate disconnection
4) The use of UNIFI-IX name or image is forbidden without written consent
5) You require an Autonomous System Number to connect
6) You are required to only respond to ARP requests for addressess which have been assigned
7) You peer with our Route Collectors
8) One MAC address per physical connection
9) No static routes should be directed at any other member of the exchange
10) Permitted types (IPv4 - IPv6 - ARP)


If you have VLAN's with UNIFI-IX and require help or have a question, please either email where a member of our technical department will be ready to assist you.